Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Mysteriously Lost Song

About two Fridays ago, the Senior Youth Worship Team played a song, by the name of "Found In You." The following Friday, I was told by a very insightful American that this song nor the author could be found on the Internet, or in that case, anywhere. Phil and I, of course, disbelieved her since every praise and worship song can be found on the Internet. After our thorough half-hour search for the song, the best we could come up with was a blog where a man had posted the verse and chorus, but was begging for the chords, bridge, and artist. It was then, that I was given the idea to be the first person, to my knowledge, to put the whole song with the chords on the Internet for all those deprived of this great worship song. So, here it is:

"Found In You"

E                              Bsus
Lord, I lift my eyes to You
                        A2             Bsus
Who else could see me?
E                               Bsus
Lord, I lift my hands to You
                        A2              Bsus
Who else could reach me?
E                                Bsus
Lord, I lift my prayer to You
                         A2         Bsus
Who else would listen?
 E                                 Bsus
Lord, I raise my voice to You
                       A2                Bsus
Who else could hear me?

    C♯m Bsus   A2
And all I ever wanted
    C♯m Bsus   A2
And all I ever needed
                E    Bsus         A2        Bsus
I found in You, I found in You

C♯m    Bsus                  A2
Lord, I fall before Your feet
C♯m    Bsus                   A2
Lord, I want to be complete-ly Yours
C♯m     Bsus                 A2
We sing praises to Your name, oh Lord
              C♯m                   Bsus                  A2
Make me whole, make me whole, make me wholly Yours

And thats it! Unfortunately, I do not know who originally wrote or performed this song. The only speed that I have heard the song played in is moderately-slow to slow. Generally, I play the order of the song: Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge. I repeat the "make me whole..." line usually 4 times, and then end the song by playing the first two lines of chords of the verse. Hope this helps a lot for all those who have been searching.

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