Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas...with no snow. Odd.

 In light of my second blog post addressing my few blog posts, and stating I would do my best to write more, I have decided to write about how a South African Christmas goes in the Beakley household... or at least how this Christmas went.

It was about 80 degrees out Christmas day. We first went to a church service at 8 in the morning. When we got home, we began working on making brunch...which wasn't served ultimately until lunch time. Most of the day was spent hanging out and fellowshipping. Later in the day we went swimming in the pool, only to be forced out by the worst rainstorm I've seen since I arrived here. We had over a dozen towels spread out on floors to soak up drips that were coming from leaks in the roof. It got so bad, Phil's room was in danger of flooding, so he had to go out in the rain, lighting and hail to dig out a trench in order for the water to not get backed up as it streamed into the road. After all that fun we lost power for a while. Eventually the power came back on, the hail and lighting stopped, and a steady rainfall settled in for the night. We had Mexican, tortillas and such, for supper, but nothing else of note happened the rest of the day that I can remember. You may be wondering though what happened to the presents? They were already opened, from Christmas Eve. So, that is a South African Christmas in the house of the Beakleys. Overall it was very interesting and quite unlike Illinois.

And since we are on the topic of Christmas, I've decided to add some other things into this post. I was sent two Christmas videos during the last couple of weeks that I thought were pretty neat, though very unlike each other.

The first is called The Digital Story of the Nativity which I thought was quite creative:

The second is of a hidden choir suddenly breaking into "The Messiah" in a food court:

Hopefully you enjoyed the videos and had a very Merry Christmas!

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